Beware Of Mosquitoes

According to Wiki Pedia Mosquitoes are insects belonging to the order Diptera Anopheles, Culex, Psorophora, Ochlerotatus, Aedes, Sabeth Wyeomyia, Culiseta and Haemagoggus for a total of about 35 genera, summarizing the 2700 species. Mosquitoes have the two scaly wings, slender body, and six feet long, varies between species but rarely exceeds 15 mm.

Mosquitoes have four stages of the life cycle: egg, larva, and accommodation for adults. Three first-class depends on the species - and the temperature. Only female mosquitoes suck the blood of its prey. It had nothing to do with eating. Why, in fact, women and men, flower nectar liquid meal. Since the female mosquito nourish their eggs. Mosquito eggs to nourish their eggs. Mosquito eggs need to develop a protein in the blood.

When placed on wet leaves laying one can also be dry, but it has adequate moisture. To determine the locations, mosquitoes have a tool in your stomach that functions as kelebapan.

Mosquitoes are considered a distributor of several examples of diseases like malaria, dengue and Cikunguya. Therefore, a large number of people trying to fight it. Nyamu medications, insect venom. But sometimes, the materials used in the fight against mosquitoes is hazardous materials.

Maybe we can use tanaman2 not like mosquitoes, for example


These plants have long flat leaves yellowish green. Is a plant that comes from Papua. Evodiamine and substances rutaecarpine this plant does not like mosquitoes. Perfume feel when the wind blows. Perfume is not like mosquitoes.


Purple flowers of this plant. The flowers are fragrant, the mosquitoes that cause you do not want to close. The flowers of lavender are well known and commonly used in the manufacture of mosquito repellent lotion. If you want to use this interest in the skin is bitten by mosquitoes is to rub the flowers for our visit to sensitive skin.


The flowers have a lot of color variations with overlapping petals. Geranium contains geraniol and citronellol, which causes the mosquitoes do not want to close. How to use this facility must be located in areas exposed to wind, because the aroma of geranium smell when the leaves rub against each other.


Plants, including grasses that the nation does not like mosquitoes due to substances geraniol and citronellal. Extracts of lemon grass is also used in the manufacture of insect repellents with the unique aroma.


The leaves are needle-shaped and has a small purple flowers. Used to repel mosquitoes by rubbing the leaves are rubbed on the skin that results. Aroma like the smell of eucalyptus oil. This could affect the smell of odors and mosquitoes.

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